Sokimex Investment Group Co.,Ltd

Sokimex Investment Group Co.,Ltd has founded in 1990 and the group is now the parent company manages major business divisions in Cambodia.

We continue putting ongoing efforts to adjust our marketing strategy to cope with the industry changes and competition by adding new products, services and expanding customer base. The company incorporated improvements to the quality of its products and services and emphasized on good governance and awareness of social responsibility, environment and other stakeholder to drive the business growth and sustainable. Read more

On behalf of Sokimex Investment Group Co.,Ltd, I would like to thank to all our shareholders, business praters, public and private organizations, the customers who have provided the Company with great support, the management team and all employees for dedicating themselves to the company. May all of you be confident that the company will be committing and dedicating itself to push business towards the goal.

Neak Oknha Dr. SOK KONG
Sokimex Investment Group Co.,Ltd